The Strumf boards are a range of soft-boards, dedicated to young-guns and hard-core surfers alike who are seeking new ways of riding waves.
Forget about breaking your board in beach breaks or shallow close outs; or any spot where you do not want to risk your favorite short-board.
The Strumf boards are an excellent choice for easy summer surfing on small waves. They will let you re-discover surfing in its original essence.
Strumf boards are a versatile model for surfers looking to develop their surfing skills, helping them progress to new levels of riding.

Strumf board

Option Dimension Volume
Beshkito 5’4 X 21 2/8 X 2 1/2 35L
Ptit pain 4’6 X 19 2/8 X 2 1/2 28L
Tayara 4’8 X 21 3/4 X 2 7/16 35L
Zalla9a 4’8 X 21 3/4 X 2 7/16 35L
Greendizer 4’8 X 21 3/4 X 2 7/16 35L


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