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Iyara Day Spa

We started working for Iyara Day Spa a few years back, in 2017 we were asked to help revamping their website. When they had the original website made, it was almost 10 years ago, while there was only one location. Now, they have 4 Spas, which make online booking a lot more complicated than it was. Hence we created the website with minimal changes to their staff daily operation yet, reduce a great deal of work in a number of ways. Online reservations are sent to the corresponding spas, as well as cc’d to the headquarter, clients get notification, they can even book via whatsapp if visitors browse the website via mobile phone.
As for the original database system was also upgraded. No more manual entry, all contacts were sent to MailChimp (with consent from the customers of course). Google Analytics was connected, as well as site traffic installed within the website.
Since actual E-commerce wasn’t requested for the website, there are only gift vouchers to be purchased online. Separate paypal links were also set up, also that it doesn’t change their daily operation routine.
As usual one hour online tutorial was provided so that our client can handle basic update and maintenance of the website, we also provide technical support afterwards. We believe it’s a win-win situation.


Website Revamp, Advanced Website Booking System for 4 Spas, Glass Sticker Design

  • Skills

    Wordpress, Paypal, Photoshop, Illustrator, MailChimp

  • Client

    Iyara Day Spa, Hong Kong

  • Tags

    Graphic Design, Website Revamp

  • Industry:

    Beauty Care/ Health

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